Weather based smart irrigation system

Use your computer with our ET1 Irrigation Timer and have a smart irrigation control system for your home.

Your smart irrigation system will be able to access one of thousands weather stations from state and federal weather networks.

There are no data fees with our system.

Just think of the savings in weather data cost, this could pay for your system.

Our system is different. You are not connected to us for your weather data or to our servers to use the products that you've purchased from us. The software runs on your computer and we have several free weather applications that allows your computer to go directly to the source for your weather data.


The system consists of three main parts

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Software Weather App Software Irrigation Controller
Smart Irrigation Software for PC
ET Basic (control 1 timer)
ET Standard (control up to 8 timers)
Weather applications supply
weather data for Smart Irrigation Software
Irrigation Timer receives
Irrigation schedules from Smart irrigation Software

Optional items for your system

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Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
Get accurate on site rainfall measurements to
compliment weather data.
Works with all weather applications
Wireless Cable Replacement
Wireless communication for Timer
USB and RS232 options