ET Standard version

ET Standard

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  • ET Standard version supports eight timers (64 stations)
  • Software runs on Windows that support .Net framework 2.0 and greater
  • No fees for weather data
  • Optional tipping bucket rain gauge for on site rainfall measurement
  • Many advanced features
  • Use current or historical weather data
  • Can use the software as non smart irrigation (manual timer)

    Evapotranspiration software ET Standard  (1.7M zip)

    User Manual ET Standard User Manual

System Requirements:

  • Windows xp and 7 (other versions running .Net framework 2.0 or greater)
  • .NET framework 2.0 or greater
  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • Processor P4 or better.
  • Memory 1.0 Gb or more
  • Ram 1 Mb or more.
  • Disk space about 3Mb

It is possible to run install and run the ET Basic software a older and slower system.

  • Windows XP.
  • P3 at 1Ghz.
  • 256 Mb ram.
  • 30 GB hard drive.

Software Details

This ET Standard application allows you to have a PC based Evapotranspiration (ET) sprinkler system. This application works conjunction with one our no cost weather applications and our ET1 hardware to form a complete smart irrigation system. We have other options available such as a tipping bucket rain gauge for on site rainfall measurements and a wireless cable replacement.

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System Setup Screen

System Setup Standard Screen
  • Select weather application to use
  • Set time to retrieve weather data
  • Enable and configure optional on site rain gauge
  • Add and edit timers in the system
  • Group timers together
  • Automatically start ET Standard when computer starts

Group Edit Screen

Edit Group Standard Screen
  • Select Timer(s) and order to use in groups
  • Select program type (odd days with optional skip 31st, even days, interval watering (from everyday to every 99 days) and a weekly schedule
  • Delay between stations (for slow closing valves)
  • Set start time for the group
  • Seasonal adjustment for group (used for manual watering times)
  • Setup multiple groups of timers to effectively from larger timers (up to 8 groups)
  • Enable or disable entire group
  • Initialize (resets) all timers in group

Edit Plant Species

Edit Plant Species
  • Edit existing plants species by month
  • Add new plant species
  • Once added, can be selected from the Timer Setup page

Timer Setup Screen

Timer Setup Screen
  • Select type of plants for each zone (even change and add new plants) Ks
  • Select the density of the plants (7 levels to choose from) Kd
  • Select micro climate for each station/zone (7 to choose from) Kmc
  • Select from one of seven different soil types
  • Enter data for Area, Flow, Root depth, Efficiency and range of Slopes
  • Control weather to use a Pump start/ Master valve control
  • Enable any stations to be under control of the software or left as manual
  • Add additional time and change these by a percentage up or down

Moisture Balance Screen

Moisture Balance Screen
  • View, set or change the moisture level for each station/zone
  • Show the maximum and lower limits of moisture levels

Weather Graph Screen

Weather Graph Screen
  • View weather data in a graph and table for the range of data selected
  • Show daily data and totals for the select range of dates
  • Shows total ETo, Rainfall and Effective rainfall for the selected time period

Moisture Graph Screen

Mositure Graph Screen
  • View moisture level for the selected time period for each station/zone
  • Show the current moisture level, loss for the zone, effective rainfall and irrigation each day.
  • Tracks the amount of water used for each station
  • Tracks the losses and gains over the time period selected

Timer Interface Screen

Timer Interface Screen
  • View the start time, station run times, program type for each of the three programs that ET Basic controls. These are read only.
  • There is a fourth program available to run manual programs
  • Read the timer's clock and update the timer's clock with your computer's clock