File Downloads

ET based Software

ET Basic (1.6M zip) Version 1.0.1 and ET Basic User Manual (1.4M pdf) control 1 timer

ET Standard (1.7M zip) Version 0.9.2 and ET Standard User Manual (1.5M pdf) control up to 8 timers

- ET Basic & Standard versions run on Windows xp and 7 (requires .Net framework 2.0 or greater) and one weather application from below to work


Wireless cable replacement for Timer Wireless User Manual (2.4M pdf)


Weather Applications for ET Basic and ET Standard Software

Historical Weather Data:  Historical Setup and Historical manual


Weather applications for your personal weather station

Cumulus:  Cumulus Setup and Cumulus manual (Coming Soon)

WeatherLink:  WxLink Setup and WxLink manual

WxSolution:  WxSoln Setup and WxSoln manual


Weather applications for USA networks ! CHECK WITH US FIRST AS WE ARE UPGRADING THESE !

Select the best weather application from the weather application map

All states including Hawaii and Puerto Rico:  RAWS Setup and RAWS manual

Arizona:  AZMET Setup and AZMET manual

California:  CIMIS Setup and CIMIS manual

Florida:  FAWN Setup and FAWN manual

Georgia:  AEMN Setup and AEMN manual

Idaho:  AgriMet Setup and AgriMet manual

Iowa:  Iowa Ag Climate Network Setup and Iowa Ag Climate Network manual

Kansas:  K State Setup and K State manual

Michigan:  MAWN Setup and MAWN manual

North Dakota:  NDAWN Setup and NDAWN manual

Oklahoma:  Oklahoma AgWeather Setup and Oklahoma AgWeather manual

Oregon:  AgriMet Setup and AgriMet manual

Texas:  TexasET Setup and TexasET manual

Utah:  UET Net Setup and UET Net manual

Washington:  AgriMet Setup and AgriMet manual


Weather application for Australia

All Provinces:  Australia ET Network Setup and Australia ET Network manual


Older Software

PC Timer Demo Program (426k zip) and PC Timer Manual (1.8M pdf)

  - PC Timer software require .NET framework 2.0 or greater to run.