Weather Applications

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Our weather applications have been developed to work with both ET Basic and ET Standard software versions to access publicly accessible weather networks via the Internet. Currently we have several that you can choice from. Your choice is dependent on where you live. Below is a map showing the locations of individual weather stations that our weather applications can access. If you don't see any close enough for you to use, we may add it later. For now you could use the historical data weather application. Generally the weather doesn't vary much over a large area like a city or county but rainfall can and will vary widely. With any of these weather applications you can use a tipping bucket rain gauge to get an accurate on site rainfall data.

The cost for our weather applications are nothing and the monthly cost for the data is also nothing. If you know of a publicly available data source that you would like to use, please let us know. We can develop new weather applications quickly.

You can use the list below to find the weather application in your state or province and use the map further on down to help you find the best station near you.

Typical Weather Application (FAWN)
FAWN Weather Application
  • Many different weather application available
  • All are freely available for download from this website
  • None have any data fees
  • Over 2500 weather stations in the USA
  • Set maximum limit for ETo value that can be used
  • Default ETo values for each month (used if weather data isn't available)
  • Adjustable rainfall threshold and effective rate for effective rainfall
  • Test button makes sure everything is working okay

Use your personal weather station


Country: USA

State Weather Application
Arizona AZMET
California CIMIS
Florida FAWN
Georgia AEMN
Idaho AgriMet
Iowa Iowa Ag Climate Network
Kansas K State
Michigan MAWN
North Dakota NDAWN
Oklahoma Oklahoma AgWeather
Oregon AgriMet
Texas TexasET
Utah UET Net
Washington AgriMet
All States including Hawaii and Puerto Rico RAWS
Historical Historical

Country: Australia

Province Weather Application
ALL Australia ET Network

Weather Stations United States

Weather Stations Australia